Ikea breathes new life into its traditional catalogue

Ikea, the furniture powerhouse, is adding a digital element to its infamous store catalogue in 2013. With a distribution reach of over 200 million customers world wide, an augmented reality component is being added to the catalogue so that customers can view videos, view more extensive photo galleries and learn more information about each featured product. How can consumers view this extra content you ask? Simply by downloading an augmented reality app.

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Principles Behind QR Codes The Same As Traditional Marketing

They’re small, they’re techie and they can be a huge asset for marketers. QR (or Quick Response) codes are a fantastic way for consumers to jump from the real world to the digital world and for marketers to make their message so much more effective. When seen on outdoor, online or print advertisements QR codes can transport consumers to a digital medium to discover more information about the product or service being advertised. The also can direct consumers to sites which provide them with discounts or enables them to enter a competition. However, just with any other type of marketing campaign, QR codes need to transport consumers to somewhere that is relevant for them and somewhere that provides them with value. QR codes also need to be placed in areas that are easily accessed by consumers and their smart phones.

Adidas QR Code

A QR Code Developed By Adidas

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Low Budget Abercrombie and Fitch Video A Hit Online

Even some of the biggest brands don’t need the biggest budgets or advertising production values to communicate to their consumers. This week’s prime example? – Abercrombie and Fitch. The American clothing label have utilised both Youtube and their greatest brand assets (the infamous Abercrombie and Fitch male model) to catch millions of viewers eyes.

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Tumblr Shows How Social Media Metrics Are Not So Important?

When you think of social media, it would be safe to say that Tumblr isn’t one of the online platforms that would pop into your head. But that is exactly what it is. A hybrid mixture of blogging and social networking. Not only can visitors to a Tumblr page view the bloggers content, they can also follow that particular Tumblr, like a post and reblog a post, enabling an enormous opportunity for the blogger to build their audience and spread their content.

Universal Music Tumblr

Universal Music’s Tumblr

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Stirring Some [P]interest In The Lorna Jane Brand

There’s nothing like accessing a brand’s website and thinking wow, they are nailing their digital media presence. I’d like to take you on a journey into the digital presence of the Lorna Jane brand. An Australian brand, Lorna Jane prides itself in being “Australia’s leading Activewear and Sportswear Label” and it seems that they are now becoming one of the local leaders in integrating consumer involvement over a variety of mediums.


With almost 460,000 likes this brand must be doing something right! The Lorna Jane Facebook page allows from two way communication between both the brand and its consumers. The brand not only uses Facebook as a platform to tell customers about new products and promotions, but also invites conversation by posting motivational quotes and photographs. The company also successfully response to all positive and negative comments. The Facebook Page is used as a fantastic medium to advertise upcoming events such as store openings and free pilates sessions.

Lorna Jane Facebook Page

Lorna Jane’s Facebook Page

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Hash Tag Marketing: Enhancing Brand Engagement and Loyalty

The growing development of categorizing content with a hash tag prefix  is a trend taking over the Twitter and Instagram social networking spheres. As Tony Obregon from Social Media Today today puts it, “hash tags are more than a simple way to categorize content, identify themes or track real-time conversations. They’re increasingly being used by companies to drive positive online conversation and build brand recognition and loyalty.”

User Uploaded Photo Of The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week via Instagram  with the hash tag #MSFW

User Uploaded Photo Of The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week with #MSFW

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YouTube Introduces Movie Rental To Its Services Portfolio

Blockbuster and Video Ezy have received their final kiss of death. In true digital style, the internet has eclipsed another bricks and mortar institution – the DVD rental store. With the launch of the YouTube Australia’s online rental store a little over a month ago, consumers can now access and download over 3000 movie titles from as little as $3.99 from the comfort of their own home.

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The Evolving Power Of The Meme: From Consumers To Marketers

They clog your Facebook feed, they pop up on your Instagram but Memes are always guaranteed to get a chuckle or a sigh out of those who come across them.

Memes were born during the early days of internet chat rooms but they have grown to be more popular and more specific over time. Essentially today their purpose is about telling an idea or a joke and encouraging the sharing and discussion of that idea.

Animated character, Fry from Futurama, is used in this meme created by a Big Brother viewer to express their opinion of the show

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The Next Step In Facebook Integrated Consumer Marketing

It is often said that the eyes are the window to the soul but it now seems that your face is the key to saving you some money. American advertising agency Red Pepper is putting the final touches on its new software innovation which allows  specially developed in-store cameras to identify consumers by using their Facebook. The purpose? To provide these consumers with highly customised discounts and deals.

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Paid Celebrity Tweets: Undermining Brands And Consumers

In the last five years the average Joe has become way more connected with their favourite celebrity through Twitter. Lady Gaga has over 28 million followers, Justin Beiber has over 26 million followers and Katy Perry has over 24 million followers. It seems that celebrities are eager to tell us what they eat for breakfast or what their favourite book right now is. Yes, this is the 21st century’s version of celebrity endorsements.

There are big bucks involved for celebrities to tell their fan base their preferences all in the small space of 140 characters. The Huffington Post recently revealed that a celebrity can get paid in excess of $10 000 for including a brand’s name in a single Tweet. Want Khloe Kardashian to tell her seven million followers that she just used your brand’s lipstick? That will be $8000. Or want Lindsay Lohan to Tweet about your website – which CollegeLive did, that will be $3500.

Paid celebrity endorsements via Twitter are undermining brands and consumers

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